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Second love confession~

 Title: Second Love Confession. (drabble)
Author: mankadi 
Theme: 4. Pieces on 30smiles
Pairing: Onew/Key
Genre: Romance, fluff?!
Rating: pg (just to be sure~ i really dont know ;___;)
Summary: Kibum said he wants to get married. (lame summary) 
Warning: Un-Beta-Ed!! 
A/N: plz plz plz do comment ne ne?! :") oh and for those who i promised spot i will spot on the smut which im going to post tomorrow ^.^

Few days ago, on some radio program, Kim Kibum or more known by Key said he wants to get marry soon. However what he didn’t know was that his words hurt someone deeply, like an arrow strike its target and in our case that someone goes by the name of Lee Jinki.

Since that day, Jinki gave his lover, Kibum, a cold shoulder. He was still around Kibum but much less. In the beginning Kibum haven’t realize it, but soon he saw the change in his lover attitude.

Jinki was sad, not all smiley like he was and supposed to be. He wont give Kibum kisses from his own motivate, only when Kibum leaned forward and even when they kissed it was only a pack on the lips or cheek. Jinki even stopped cuddling with Kibum and when it was night time and they laid on bed ready to sleep, Jinki, instead of embracing his lover like always, just turned around, sleeping when his back facing the younger boy. But what stuck out the most was, even if it was foolish, that Jinki never asked for chicken and it was just wrong, because Jinki loves chicken, sometimes even more then his own lover.

So Kibum decided to ask what's wrong.

"Jinki-hyung?!" Kibum said cutely while sitting on the sofa and leaning closer to the older boy.

"Mmm… "He answered, trying to move, but failed because Kibum was already sitting on his lap by now.

Kibum started to cry, he knew whenever he cried Jinki will do everything and anything just to please the boy. He hated to see Kibum cry.

And really, as Jinki saw Kibum tears he went into panic. He hugged Kibum, wiping his tears and telling him not to cry. Every teardrop from Kibum broke Jinki's heart pieces.

"Shh... Kibummie tell me what's wrong... Don’t cry"

"You being cold toward me... that is what wrong" Kibum continued his act. He wasn’t a bad person, it's just that he wanted to know what's wrong with his lover and he doesn't want to see his tofu boy like that.

Jinki bit his bottom lips, not wanting to tell why he's acting that way however when he saw that Kibum sobbing getting harder, he sighted and lowered his head.

"You… said you want to get married… and although I want you to be happy I just can help but to be jealous and sad." Jinki said in embarrassment.

Kibum tears already stopped. He lifted Jinki's head, chuckling and looking into his eyes.

"Pabo… the one I want to get married with is you and only you so don’t even dare leaving me or giving up on me and of course not giving me to someone else because I better die than be without you" he confessed before leaning into a gentle kiss.

Afterward he got up, going into their shared bedroom, smirking into the stunned boy direction.

After few minutes of being in daze, Jinki jumped on his feet running after Kibum and not forgetting to lock the door behind. 
Tags: author: mankadi, fandom: shinee, genre: fluff, genre: romance, pairing: onew/key
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